Musicians Earplugs and Monitors

At Loud & Clear Hearing Aids we work directly with musicians and their unique needs when it comes to protecting their hearing. As you can imagine, they have a need to protect themselves from the loud sounds common at today’s concerts, yet they have a need to hear their own music as well as band mates during a show.

Musician’s Ear PlugsMusician Earplugs

Musician earplugs are custom fit, passive devices, with no electronic components.  Musician earplugs are custom fit specifically for your ear.  The various filters used with the ear plugs are tuned to reduce various frequencies and volume levels around you. This reduction in sound reduces the harmful sounds but still allows a musician to hear speech or music.

These are specially designed with music in mind, making them the perfect solution for not only musicians but also production crews and assistants as well as concert-goers.

Musician Monitors

Musician monitors are “in-the-ear” wireless headphones that will protect the musicians from loud noise, and allow communication between each other, as well as monitor the music at a safe volume.   Monitor technology allows musicians to clearly hear the music just as their audience would, while still providing the necessary sound protection.

These monitors usually come with “stock” ear tips which may or may not fit your ear well.  In many cases the stock tips are not comfortable enough to wear for more than a short time. We have the tools and experience to make custom earpieces for many of these devices.

If you are looking for custom fit musician earplugs or custom earpieces for musician monitors, contact us today to discuss your options.

Other Custom earplugs

Custom earplugs are available for a number of different needs besides music.  These needs include the following:

  • Ear plugs for Sleeping
  • Custom Ear Piece for Police and Dispatch
  • Ear plugs for Swimming
  • Ear Protection for Hunting
  • Ear plugs for Noise protection at work

If you think you need custom earplugs please, contact us today and we will try to help any way we can.