Hearing Loss Evaluation

Hearing aid examinations and evaluations are the first step in determining your level of hearing loss. If you suspect that your hearing is at a point where you may need a hearing aid, you should call us for your FREE hearing test. We’ll assess your hearing level and determine if a hearing aid is right for you at this point. We will want to know your complete history of hearing loss and your general health history.

With today’s advance technology, it’s important to understand how your hearing loss began, what sounds you’re hearing, what sounds your missing, how your general health is and your everyday lifestyle. All of these elements play a role in determining what hearing aid device is best for you. We’ll need to know if you have additional hearing symptoms such as Tinnitus or ringing of the ears.

Your hearing test may include multiple tests to determine your level of hearing loss, these may include:

  • Pure Tones via Air conduction testing
  • Pure Tones via Bone conduction testing
  • Speech Reception Threshold testing (SRT)
  • Speech Discrimination testing
  • Testing for sensitivity to loudness
  • Otoscopic examination of the ear canal

The result of your hearing test will give our hearing professionals a blueprint of how to improve your hearing ability through today’s technology. If we determine there is a medical issue causing your hearing loss, we may refer you to a doctor that specializes in ear disorders.

Why a Hearing Test is Important

A hearing test, especially a complete hearing loss evaluation is essential to determining what factors into your hearing loss. This information allows us to predict the correct path to restoring your hearing ability. It may be a case of seeing a specialist for a medical condition or identifying the correct hearing aid for your needs.