Hearing Tests and Loss Evaluations

Our FREE hearing test is actually several tests.  Together, they provide a picture of your hearing.  We will test your hearing using our state of art audiometer and a sound booth to provide a quiet environment to achieve best results. Loud & Clear Hearing Aids follows industry best practices for testing, which recommend Pure Air Tone and Bone Conduction testing at specific frequencies, measurement of your Speech Reception Threshold, Speech Discrimination testing, and other tests as needed.  Our specialists will review and explain the results and meaning of each test with you.  With this information you will be able to determine what course of action, if any, is needed to improve your hearing.

Hearing Aid Evaluation and Selection

We offer a FREE hearing aid evaluation of your current hearing aids.  We can determine if your current hearing aids are still operating within the manufactures specifications, and if they are tuned correctly for your current hearing loss.

If you wish to look at new devices, we can show you the most current technology and help you determine which device is best for you based on numerous criteria, including your the level of your hearing loss, type of hearing loss, types of listening situations you have the most difficulty in, your expectations of hearing aid technology, your lifestyle, daily routine and other relevant data.

You have many options when it comes to hearing aid devices.  Styles vary from  full size In The Ear all the way to new Invisible In The Ear models.  Or there is the Behind The Ear models ranging from traditional to the new light weight almost invisible Receiver In the Canal models, add in to this the multiple options for shape, color, weight, and power within each these styles, and you will find our advice on this subject invaluable and clarifying.

Purchasing Hearing Aids

Once we have completed your hearing test, evaluation and selection you will have the opportunity to try the hearing aid best suited to your needs.  during this trial period we will meet several times to fine tune the devices and counsel you on how to get the most benefit from your hearing aids.  After a satisfactory trial period, you find a quality of life improvement you sought, we will help you complete the purchase of your new hearing aids.  We can help with financing options and insurance company billing and reimbursement.


Hearing Aid Fitting

Loud & Clear Hearing Aids provides fitting services for most major brands of hearing aids.  If you need to have your devices reprogrammed, or feel that they just are preforming well, bring them to us.  Once your hearing aid fit is correct, final adjustments will be made for optimal hearing aid performance


Hearing Aid Repairs

We offer full service hearing aid repairs. Often times you’re able to save thousands of dollars by repairing your existing device versus purchasing a new one. From time to time all hearing aids develop service issues that can be repaired easily in the office.  If your hearing aid needs repairs that we cannot preform in the office, Loud & Clear Hearing Aids has accounts with all major heating aid manufactures and can work directly with them to get your device repaired.


Live Speech Mapping

Live Speech Mapping is a process of measuring the output of your hearing aids to see if they are preforming up to specifications.  This advanced testing uses probe microphones to measures the sound pressure in the ear canal with and without the hearing aids and displays the results in real time on a computer screen. This process will demonstrate to you the the delivering of amplification at specific frequencies.

Hearing Aid Battery Sales

If you’re looking for hearing aid batteries, we stock a full supply of fresh batteries in our offices. When your hearing aid devices need new batteries, give us a call. We’ll replace the battery and have you hearing better today. Routinely you should check your battery housing for dirt, wax or additional foreign substances that will affect your battery performance. It is time to change your battery if sound becomes distorted, in some devices, a small beeping sound will alert you to a low battery.

Color Code and Sizes of Batteries we carry.beltone_batteries_01

  • Size 10 (yellow tab)
  • Size 312 (brown tab)
  • Size 13 (orange tab)
  • Size 675 (blue tab)

Telephone and Cell Phone Accessories

With Bluetooth technology added to your hearing aid, you will have the ability to link your hearing aids to your cell phone. The advantage of this technology is it allows you to reduce the buzzing and feedback typically experienced when using a cell phone… Learn More

Custom Ear Molds (Musician Earplugs & Monitors)

Custom ear molds are popular products among musicians and swimmers. These ear molds are custom fitted to the natural contours of your ear.