Hearing Aid Battery Sales

If you’re looking for hearing aid batteries, we stock a full supply of fresh batteries in our offices. When your hearing aid devices need new batteries, give us a call. We’ll replace the battery and have you hearing better today. Routinely you should check your battery housing for dirt, wax or additional foreign substances that will affect your battery performance. It is time to change your battery if sound becomes distorted, in some devices, a small beeping sound will alert you to a low battery.

Color Code and Sizes of Batteries we carry.beltone_batteries_01

  • Size 10 (yellow tab)
  • Size 312 (brown tab)
  • Size 13 (orange tab)
  • Size 675 (blue tab)

Cell Phone Accessories

With Bluetooth technology added to your hearing aid, you will have the ability to link your hearing aids to your cell phone. The advantage of this technology is it allows you to reduce the buzzing and feedback typically experienced when using a cell phone… Learn More

Custom Ear Molds (Musician Earplugs & Monitors)

Custom ear molds are popular products among musicians and swimmers. These ear molds are custom fitted to the natural contours of your ear.

Hearing Loss Evaluations

Our hearing specialists will evaluate your level of hearing loss during your examination. We’ll determine what course of action needs to take place in order to improve your hearing by use of a hearing aid. We offer free hearing loss evaluations in all three of our Bay Area locations.

Assistive Listening Devices (ALD)

FM Systems, Alarm Clocks, TV’s & Phone Amplifiers

Assistive listening devices (ALD) are devices that allow for better listening in all situations. ALD’s improve your hearing ability by using a microphone to capture the audio signal close to the source to give the listener enhanced listening ability.

Hearing Aid Fitting

Fitting a hearing aid correctly is critical and should only be done by a professional. Hearing aid devices utilize some of the most advance technologies available, understanding how these operate with your level of hearing loss and ear contours will allow for maximum listening ability with your new hearing aid device.

Once your hearing aid fit is correct, final adjustments will be made for optimal hearing aid performance

Purchasing Hearing Aids

Once we have completed your evaluation and exam, we can discuss your level of hearing loss and advise which hearing aid device will best fit your hearing ability.

You have many options when it comes to hearing aid devices. Based on your hearing loss level, what you want out of your hearing aid, your lifestyle and daily routine, we will determine which device is best for you. Styles vary from ITE (In The Ear) and the new IIC (Invisible In The Ear) as well as the standard BTE (Behind The Ear) and the new light weight almost invisible RIC (Receiver In the Canal).  There are multiple options for shape, color, weight, and power within each these styles.

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Hearing Aid Repairs

We offer full service hearing aid repairs. Often times you’re able to save thousands of dollars by repairing your existing devices versus purchasing new ones. Hearing aids from time to time may develop poor listening ability, allow us to inspect and evaluate your hearing aid to see if we can repair your device.

Hearing Aid Evaluation and Selection

During your FREE hearing aid evaluation, our hearing aid professional will evaluate your level of hearing loss. During this examination, we’ll determine what device is best for your hearing ability and lifestyle. We’ll review hearing aid styles, technologies available and the benefit you’ll receive based on the device you choose. With hearing aid devices these days, its important to understand your listening environments and lifestyle to determine which hearing aid device is best for you.

Live Speech Mapping

Live Speech Mapping is a process of using probe microphones and real time live speech that allows you and your family to experience the benefits of hearing aids. It will demonstrate and show how the hearing aid is delivering amplification of the hearing aid performance.