Hearing Aid Repair

It is not uncommon over time that your hearing aid may need to be repaired. The good news is you have the option sometimes to repair versus purchasing new hearing aids. Hearing aids naturally have many small parts that may break down or get damaged. We’ll determine why your hearing aid stopped working and see if it can be fixed. Proper care for your hearing aid and following manufacturers guidelines will minimize the risk of your hearing aid breaking.

If you experience any difference in your hearing aids performance, call us immediately to determine what the issue is. Many hearing aids can quickly be fixed in our office by one of our hearing aid professionals. If we determine there is a major issue, we may need to send the hearing aid to the manufacturer for repair. Rest assured we will do our best to repair your hearing aid first, prior to purchasing a new one.

Hearing aids often come with a warranty (warranty length differs by devices). We can handle all warranty repairs on your device and if your warranty has expired we can typically repair your device for a fraction of what a new device would cost.