Hearing Aid Dispensing and Fitting

Based on your decision of what hearing aid best fits your hearing loss level and lifestyle, we will fit your hearing aid to your ear or ears. Each hearing aid devices offers different options, technology and styles. Each hearing aid need to properly programmed and fit for your unique features.

We’ll first properly fit the hearing aid around or in the ear based on the style you choose. We’ll explain how to use your hearing aid for maximum efficiency and care. Removal and fitting when you’re on your own is essential as well so you are properly wearing your hearing aid and maximizing the performance. You’ll be provided with all the necessary instructions need to learn about your new hearing aid.

The goal of your hearing aid is to bring back the natural sounds you used to experience. Subtle and slight adjustments will allow you to hear everyday soundsĀ  that you’ve been missing. We’ll ensure that your listening environment is maximized through your hearing aid.

Keep in mind it may take a few days or weeks to optimize your hearing aid. Technology is so advance in today’s hearing aids that until you wear your hearing aid continuously, will you be able to determine the changes needed during everyday life. We’ll schedule follow up appointments with you to make any adjustments needed to have your hearing aid at peak performance.

Keep in mind that it may take time to get used to the sounds that you’re experiencing now. Over time you’ll get accustomed to the natural sounds of the ear that you have been missing for so long. Based on your feedback with our hearing aid professionals, they will be able to adjust your hearing aid to your comfort level.