Cell Phones & Accessories

If you wear hearing aids, it’s easier than ever now to find cell phone accessories that will work with your device. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) requires cell phone makers and service provider to manufacture phones that work better for people using hearing aids.

Cell phone rules require that there be less static, less interference and better telecoil connections.

What Is Telecoil?

Telecoil is a copper coil that is an option on most hearing aids. The telecoil boosts the magnetic signals form the telephone handset and is activated by placing the telephone headset close to the hearing aid.  Not all hearing aids are equipped with a telecoil.

HAC (Hearing Aid Compatible) Phones

To find out if a cell phone in Hearing Aid Compatible (HAC), look for the label  on the packaging of the cell phone or in the user manual. HAC cell phones work with the telecoil hearing aids. This feature will allow you to easily hear the person on the other line and enjoy cell phone conversations once again.


All hearing aid manufacturers have developed accessories for their hearing aids which act as a Bluetooth communicator.  These devices allow the hearing aid to communicate directly with a Bluetooth enabled cell phone. To learn more about the accessories your hearing aid manufacturer offers, please contact us with for more information.