About Our Hearing Aid Centers

Loud & Clear Hearing Aids is a locally owned business with offices in Albany and Orinda California that has been in operation for over 35 years.  We are accredited by the Better Business Bureau, and proud to be an authorized distributor of Beltone Hearing Aids.

Your First Step toward Better Hearing Today

Millions of people suffer from hearing loss, if you are one of them, we want to help. Our goal is to help you hear better immediately.  When you visit one of our locations you will receive a free hearing loss evaluation.  As part of the evaluation we will conduct examination of the ear canal and a complete audio-metric hearing test.  All of the results will be explained to you and if you are a candidate for hearing aids we will help you arrange for a fitting to select the model, style and technology that best matches your hearing loss and your budget.  Call today for an appointment and get started on the road to better hearing.

Our Commitment to You

With today’s technology we are able to mimic the ears natural ability to find the source of speech and focus on it.  The sounds of life will be more full and enjoyable. No, it will not be perfect all the time, but Loud & Clear Hearing Aids will do everything possible to help you hear better.  This is our commitment to you.

Follow-Up Care

The key to keeping your hearing aid investment in top working condition is good care and regular maintenance.  The regular daily maintenance you can accomplish will only go so far.  All hearing devices should be professionally cleaned and checked at least twice a year, and more often if the situation warrants. Loud & Clear Hearing Aids will find the schedule that is best for you and your hearing aids to keep you hearing the best you can.

Service and Repair

Loud & Clear Hearing Aids provides service for most major brands of hearing aids.  Our dispensers are factory trained, maintain stock in the most commonly needed spare parts, and have the current software for programming most major brands of hearing aids.   Allow us to help you with your service needs even if you did not purchase your hearing aids from us.  We are happy to help you hear better with a hearing aid check up.